Wednesday, January 11, 2012

your solutions to the problems part 3

They don't get it when there is cultural info in the text...because they generally focus on form and literal meaning.
- ask question s about the text before and after the reading.
- use pre-reading to turn students’ attention to cultural spots.
- don’t be afraid to give students hints, it is not a test.
- activities to compare customs and cultures, find pictures about cultures.
- ask them to research the cultural info themselves.
- present fun or amusing cultural facts

It’s so difficult to pay attention to a voice coming out of a box in the corner of the room, you can see them looking out of the window.
- pause the listening regularly and ask questions
- use pair or group work to have them discuss what they heard.
- if students are not motivated they won’t listen. find more captivating texts.
- put a poster on the window with the word listen

Students fail to register discourse markers. so rely on keywords which can skew meaning
- introduce the discourse markers, ask them to give examples and come to conclusions themselves.
- point out the discourse markers in the texts.
- take the Discourse markers out, do a gist read and then put the discourse markers back in and do it again, does it make a difference in understanding.
- or get students to guess what the discourse markers are.
- get them to put the text in the correct order.
- tell them not to be sad, there is more to life than getting the answers right.

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