Wednesday, January 11, 2012

your solutions to the problems part 2

In tests the wording of each item can cause problems: weaker students tend to focus on the exact words they see in the question, and are confused when they don't find them.
- train your students how to deal with different reading or listening tasks, I strongly advise a lot of exam practice before the exam.
- encourage them to read more in order to expand their understanding abilities and self- confidence.
- the teacher should help them to feel clever by sometimes setting slightly easier tasks.

This sound bite generation… anything longer than a couple of paragraphs and they lose interest
- avoid using long and boring texts, adjust topics to students age and interests.
- divide texts into smaller parts
- give them a choice of what they read listen to in class.
- divide class time into small bits / chunks that are easier to digest.
- motivate them to make some predictions about the end of the stories.
- engage or involve the students in the learning process.

I don’t have a lot of time in class, so I skip the listening or find it easier to read the text to the students
- give the students texts to read on their own.
- exchange their opinions on the text
- remember listening and reading can give students a wealth of expose to

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