Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reading and Listening problems

These are the problems that my colleagues came up with from around the globe.

Feel free to write solutions in the comment section below.
  • Students often try to understand every single word, or try to translate the text into their own language
  • Students don't always read the instructions carefully and so don't understand what they are listening for
  • They get lost so easily, try to understand every word or complain the speakers are going to quickly.
  • Students equate reading with misery, school and tests, they don’t even read in their own language
  • In tests the wording of each item can cause problems: weaker students tend to focus on the exact words they see in the question, and are confused when they don't find them.
  • This sound bite generation… anything longer than a couple of paragraphs and they lose interest
  • I don’t have a lot of time in class, so I skip the listening or find it easier to read the text to the students
  • They don't get it when there is cultural info in the text...because they generally focus on form and literal meaning.
  • It’s so difficult to pay attention to a voice coming out of a box in the corner of the room, you can see them looking out of the window.
  • Students fail to register discourse markers. so rely on keywords which can skew meaning

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